Statement of the GD Network Charitable Foundation

Early diagnosis and treatment of GD can be effective in addressing the risk associated with this disease. However, such favourable outcomes largely depend on appropriate expert prompt recognition and management of the disease.

For this reason, the Gaucher Disease Network Charitable Foundation (Scientific Working Group GD Task Force of the EHA), have brought together international specialists in the treatment and care of GD to act as advisors as we identify effective practices in the caring for patients with GD.

This collaborative advisory committee are key opinion leaders, who have substantially contributed to GD research and the development of treatment stratagems over the last 20 years. This Online GD Platform will directly complement their efforts as we share advice on best practice for hematologists, clinical nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) and provide guidance for GD patients, their family, friends, carers (care-givers) and GD patient advocacy groups

Our aim is to remove any world-wide GD health disparities by building up a partnership of all sectors involved in GD care i.e. multi-disciplinary teams, medical societies and co-op groups, politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, GD patient groups, the private sector and the wider community of people involved in the multifaceted aspects and phases of GD care